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HK Headquarter:00852-2868-9200

Theme of Event

Australia property and immigration seminar


3 Canton road, harbour city, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Marco Polo Hong Kong hotel sixth floor jade hall

Date and Time

11:00 am - 19:00 pm, April 25th ~ April 26th (Sat.& Sun.)

Host Office

Hong Kong head office




New independent house in Melbourne ( freehold and Private land), large shopping center new railway station are nearby. With perfect community, a new train line opened in 2016. Simple to say, this investment is very potential raise like sand centerline segregation buildings in Hong Kong. Price as $335950 (HK$2000000)


Project Title:

  • Australia property and immigration seminar
  • Australia property and immigration seminar
  • Australia property and immigration seminar
  • Australia property and immigration seminar


To understand the latest overseas real estate investment information

What are the facilities of overseas real estate for immigrants?

How to expand the investment pipeline, let your assets to achieve the real low risk?

PREMIER CAPITAL LIMITED independent development project sincerity is recommended. Cost-effective with high returns.



Premier Capital Group , established in 1988 with capital from Hong Kong and U.S.A, is one of the most reputable international real estate consulting and investment companies in Asia, and the first branded international real estate consulting firm entering into mainland china. With our dedication and commitment in the market, today our foot prints cover Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Canada, America and Mainland China.


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HK Headquarter:00852-2868-9200