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Meng Bala

Investment, leisure

  • Property ID:H20141027104851
  • Room:Apartments, villas
  • Housing prices: 940,000 - 1,300,000
  • Building area:6,466,667 square meters
  • Area:6,466,667 square meters
  • (about 94ten thousand - 130ten thousand)

Meng Bala six Royal Botanic Resort Fam covering nearly seven square kilometers, the overall plan of nearly mu, "the six countries of the Royal Botanic Gardens," as the theme, "to tell the story with a Fam six dynasties", the planning (the King Long Mirage), the old (Lancang Fam), Burma (Pagan Fam), Thailand (Sukhothai Fam), Cambodia (Angkor Fam), the more (text Long Fam) six groups, formed six pounds Exposition Bo pattern.

Meng Bala, a Hermit in tropical rainforest China chief depth of leisure and health resort, a reputation of China's luxury tourist resort rookie. In Meng Bala is in Southeast Asia, will be able to travel without a passport in the six countries in the exotic blossoms walk.

City: Xishuangbanna
Address: Xishuangbanna Manching Lake Project site
Decoration: Hardcover
Sales Address:
Sales offices in Kunming: Kunming South Asian style first city B2-19;
Jinghong: Gasa Airport arrival area F1 layer; Menghai: Menghai Manching Lake
Property age: 70
Average price: 8800 yuan
Greening rate: 80%
Property fee: TBD
Developer: Xishuangbanna Hao Yu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Building type: single-family houses, semi-detached villa
Property categories: apartments, villas
Area: 6,466,667 square meters

The magical kingdom of the Tropic of Cancer
From the world map, the other areas are almost the same latitude as the vast Gobi, only rainLin Lvzhou Xishuangbanna, the "green jewel in the crown" reputation. The sea is excellent, unsalted humidity and solar latitude, ensure balanced seasons sunshine and rainfall, lush vegetation. Meng Bala is located in Menghai County of Xishuangbanna city Manching lake.

Indoor map:

Meng Bala heart among the six countries of the north, 214 State Road, 1 km from the city of Menghai County, from Banna International Airport only a half hour. 40 kilometers away from Jinghong City, after the late King hit the highway opened, the project is only 20 minutes to Jinghong.
Twinkling Southeast Asia: Daluo port perimeter bordering Myanmar, and Laos National Mohan port connection. Two crossings in and out of Southeast Asia is China's important juncture.

Ten high-end facilities, to create "Meng Bala-style" top ten high-end package holiday standard, to create "Meng Bala style" holiday standard!

Hurun, rainforest hills golf - the only rain forest hills southwest Stadium
Olympic Stadium specified design featuring designer Davidson, Canada's top design firms Wei in handwriting, set forests, lakes, mountains landscape in one of the three; in 2013 won the "Hurun to still excellent products - China Luxury Resort Rookie Award . "

Angsana Spa SPA
Natural spa SPA area, outdoor SPA and outdoor hot melt in one, rainforest fresh oxygen distance. Tree lights candles and soft light, does not destroy the natural light. By spray system, creating a dreamy wonderland dense.

Six style tourist town, Menghai tourism center
In the "Fam" entry, we will build a tea culture as its theme tourist town. The town boasts a teaching process tea, style shopping street, membership KTV, business, bank, post office, health care, supermarkets, schools and so the whole business and life support.

Tea-Horse Road sports theme blocks, two eternal embrace a shaft
Meng Bala project within a thousand well-preserved remains of Tea Horse Road, the trail mottled quartzite Sparse, Tea-Horse Road Remains sides planning for the two main themes of the leisure district, a "two-way one axis eternal embrace" Tea-Horse Road culture neighborhoods.
Six Kingdoms center
Six Nations Department to make a garden of exotic, exotic dance, ethnic folklore, within one day, one groves, enjoy theatrical feast.

Meditation Centre
International Meditation Centre, opened Shuitianyise pagoda, temple, yoga meditation, quiet room in a quiet landscape, followed by purification meditation master, drain the essence of heaven and earth, taking the natural aura, repair mysterious body, the closing floating heart.

Floor Plan
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