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Erhai legend

  • Property ID:H20130829150951
  • Room:
  • Housing prices: 210,000 - 960,000
  • Building area:130,000平方米
  • Area:203,796平方米
  • (about 21ten thousand - 96ten thousand)

Dali New World Real Estate, a listed famous enterprises New World Group companies, strategic vision and a forward-looking international perspective stationed in Dali Haidong area, cost hundreds of millions, which lasted eight years, and work in Germany, Singapore, China, the three countries of the seven Institute jointly create original class architecture, achievement of the international villa settlements. Dali Erhai legend changed the traditional hillside architectural model, mountain, layers of back sets to lead innovation Dali Aboriginal villa development, to set an example.

Original building
Original slope class building, innovation Dali mountain building mode. Full respect wavy terrain, mountain, layers of back sets, household view of the sea, to achieve the best integration of architecture and the environment, in order to create a rich and varied artistic ingenuity living space.
① seems to grow out of the villa in the same slope
No one can be above the building above nature, but should belong to this land, this piece of nature.

② Bai perfect fusion of style and modern architecture
Chinese grille pattern, wall photo engraving, the national customs into the building vocabulary - Erhai legend Shenzhen Watson join forces to build a modern nation building fashion.

③ original class building, a villa a Cang-er
By an international team to create original class sloping garden and landscape architecture is the perfect combination of a model. Use natural elevation slopes, forming an unobstructed field of vision, so that landscape with sunlight to penetrate the layers, so that every household Kan Cang-er, household different scene, a villa a Cang-er.

④ Each villa has views, have fun
Villa sloping terrain level of interest that the ups and downs, bringing visual changeable. According to potential slope built villa, everywhere love the King.

Project Name: Erhai legend
Item Location: Dali Economic Development Zone Mitsue Area Stone Mountain house (Erhai Lake, the coastal road, away from Shimonoseki Walmart ten minutes)
Project size: covers 306 acres, with a total built 130,000 square meters, developed in four phases
Volume rate: 0.65
Project progress: one, two submitted (Erhai River most mature villa communities), three in the sale
In the sale of products: 138-258㎡ Ocean Villas, 108-138㎡ gardens, 39-103㎡ Vacation Rentals

Item Location:

Indoor map:

Corporate headquarters base, the administrative center of the surrounding branches, 10 minutes to reach the center of Shimonoseki, the coastal road from the high-end leisure area (sets of large shopping malls, hotels, theaters, restaurants center in one) 1 km
Fast and airports across the promenade, convenient communication Shimonoseki, double gallery, Dali airport. Nearby Coastal Road (Airport Road), five minutes drive to the coastal cuisine blocks, ten minutes drive to Wal-Mart to Shimonoseki district.

1, Linhai Business Club - a total area of 9500 square meters, the planning of high-end specialty restaurants, spa SPA wellness and other formats to meet the high demands of the owners. Business Club ground parking spaces 68, 57 underground garage, which can meet the 125-car parking.
2, A7 Seaview private kitchens - has unrivaled sea view and an elegant dining environment, each can accommodate up to 40 people. The main selection Min Department, Yunnan Department of private food, taste delicious when VIPs Cang-er enjoy the scenery, it is one of life's greatest pleasures.
3, A1, A5 Sea View Villa Inn - co-operative high-end villa inn and lazy inn
4. Community supermarket - has been put into operation to meet the owner of daily consumption.
5, community bus - the exclusive owner of Dali's first community bus operators will soon.
6, Community Security standard 24 hour all-weather security
7, community guides system - Erhai legendary introduction of advanced, expensive system of community guides, even at night through the guides inside the system guides the lights and play a good role.

Floor Plan
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