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Best buy-to-let areas in the UK for 2018

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Landlords looking for the UK’s best buy-to-let areas in 2018 should consider Manchester and mark the Midlands as an area to watch, while commuter towns around London remain some of the best buy-to-let locations.

LendInvest’s latest buy-to-let index is out, and it makes great reading for landlords looking for the best buy-to-let areas.

Manchester is currently the best place to buy-to-let in England and Wales. It ranked highest for rental yields (5.55 per cent) and rental price growth (5.76 per cent). Manchester took the top spot after a steady climb up LendInvest’s rankings throughout 2017.

Top 5 best buy-to-let areas 2018:

1. Manchester
2. Colchester
3. Luton
4. Rochester
5. Southend-on-sea

Top 5 areas for rental price increase in the UK:

1. Manchester 
2. Leicester 
3. Luton
4. Rochester
5. Cardiff