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Sydney Luxury Villa

  • Property ID:
  • Room:4 Bedroom
  • Housing prices:AUD 976,000 - 1,278,000
  • Building area:195~270
  • Area:400~661
  • (aboutAUD 97ten thousand - 127ten thousand)

1. Northwest  railway line throughout Kellyville will be finished soon,  new railway station will  take the appreciation of the property to your investment

          Northwest  railway line is the current transportation construction that government  most focus on .  This railway connecting northwest area to downtown is                        expected to  be opened to traffic in 2019.  Surrounding  properties will be benefit from the new railway.

2. Kellyville is close to Norwest Business Park(science and technology industrial park); there are massive influxes of talents.

         Norwest Business Park gathers hi-tech industries and is able to absorb 30,000 employees from different field. Near the high way  is the most advantage that have short time to downtown, Sydney airport, and factors and logistics distribution. center. The scale and  equipment of the business absorbed many enterprises like  IBM, OPTUS,BASF, C&W, Schneider Electrics and WoolworthsLimited ,etc. So  vacancy rate of the Kellyville neighborhood  is very low.

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