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No.1 Old Trafford Wharf

Waterfront living near Media city with unparalleled investment potanial

  • Property ID:
  • Room:One Bed, Two Beds
  • Housing prices: 180,400 - 299,100
  • Building area:40.5-68
  • Area:
  • (about 18ten thousand - 29ten thousand)

Project Info

Project Name:No.1 Trafford Wharf

Price:Starting from GBP 180,000
Payment term: Deposit 20%
Unit Type:One Bed, Two Beds
Compeletion:Q4 2020
Address:No.1 Old Trafford, Wharf Side, Manchester

The project is located at the central area of Trafford town which is nearby to the media city and only 5 mins drive to the city center of Manchester.

The project is equipped with luxury decoration, modern style, simple and comfortable life.

No.1 Old Trafford Wharf is located in the heart of Trafford, close to Manchester United Stadium.  It is only 10 minutes away from Media City. It is a favorite choice for young people who study, work and travel here.

City center of Manchester---5mins drive
Northern Quarter---15mins drive
The Lowry Outlet---5mins drive
Tesco---4mins drive
University of Salford---10mins drive

University of Manchester---15mins drive


Floor Plan
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