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The Fabric Village

The Fabric Village is located in the heart area of Liverpool, it also adjacent to the famous University of Liverpool. It offers a three-year lease and the net return can reach at 7%, the potential appreciation in future is huge.

  • Property ID:
  • Room:Studio, one bed, two beds
  • Housing prices: 99,000 - 211,000
  • Building area:30-80
  • Area:
  • (about 9ten thousand - 21ten thousand)
Project Name:The Fabric Village 
Price:Starting from GBP 99,000
Payment term:Deposit 30%
Unit Type:Studio, One bed, Two Beds
Compeletion:Q2 2020
Investment Return:It offers a three-year lease and the net  return can reach at 7%

Address:Gildart Street,Liverpool L3 8HA

The Fabric Village is located at the heart area of central Liverpool. 

To ensure the most enjoyable life experience, every interior decoration of The Fabric Village  has been carefully considered.

Starting from The Fabric Village, you can easily get to Liverpool's vibrant city centre, find all kinds of bars, restaurants, theatres and shopping malls, and integrate into the urban city lifestyle.

In order to achieve the most relaxed and pleasant life experience, the project carefully created the surrounding facilities of The Fabric Village.

Floor Plan
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