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(sold out) Mosaic


  • Property ID:
  • Room:one room
  • Housing prices:AUD 270,000 - 299,000
  • Building area:50.2-63
  • Area:
  • (aboutAUD 27ten thousand - 29ten thousand)
1. 15 to 20 years plan of Victoria government: $290 million investment to revitalize the Dandenong center (Mosaic is withine), improving the streets and the traffic and creating attracttive business environment and the community.
2. The second employment centre in Melbourne is in this region.
3. The multicultural, vibrant young community, the surrounding facilities are well-equipped, from kindergarten to university, from the supermarket to large shopping malls
4. The transportation is convenient,  5 minutes walk to railway station.

Project Location

Indoor Graph

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Floor Plan
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